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Community Managers: Why use HomeWiseDocs?

Use HomeWiseDocs to simplify the complex and time consuming tasks of disclosing information for the sale or refinance of properties within your managed communities. Our system affords you tremendous controls over the timely processing, delivery, and record retention required to meet and exceed state regulations. Click here to request a demonstration so you can see why the leading community management professionals from around the country use

Why use HomeWiseDocs Lenders enables you to quickly obtain the critical data and documents Lenders need to underwrite loans on real properties within homeowner associations. Condominium and PUD Questionnaire Letters come directly from the appropriate management company overseeing the respective association. You may request a standard format letter or your select your company's specific form. Most major lender letters are available and can be delivered instantly to you. Of course, all governing documents for the association are available as well for your underwriting review.

Why use HomeWiseDocs Closing Agents

You now have 24/7/365 capabilities to request the critical information you need from community managers to close your transactions. You can request Demands, Estoppels, Statement of Accounts, etc. and all disclosure documents you need to quickly satisfy your clients and close your transactions. Updates for "closing figures" are at your finger tips.

Why use HomeWiseDocs Real Estate Agents

Finally, you now have a system specifically designed to help you with your transactions. You can quickly order the critical Resale Disclosure packages needed to meet state regulations and keep your buyers and sellers informed. Data is delivered in easy-to-read formats and all accompanying documents are delivered electronically and are key-word-searchable. Of course, hardcopy documents may always be requested. HomeWiseDocs is easy to use and quick to can even request a text message to your phone so you know exactly when your Resale Disclosure packet is complete.

Why use HomeWiseDocs Home Owners is a simple to use electronic platform to obtain information you may need about the association where you live. Sign up and use your account to pull CCRs, Budgets, Reserve Studies, you name it. The system enables you to request the information you need from convenience of your home, office or from the road at any time day or night.

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